Interislander schedule effective from:

12th October 2015 until further notice.

Wellington to Picton

Day Depart Arrive Vessel
Tue - Sat 3:30am 7:00am Kaiarahi
Tue - Sun 6:45am 9:55am Aratere
Daily 9:00am 12:30pm Kaitaki
Tue - Sun 2:45pm 5:55pm Aratere
Monday 3:30pm 7:00pm Kaiarahi
Tue - Sat 5:00pm 8:30pm Kaiarahi
Mon - Fri & Sun 8:00pm 11:10pm Kaitaki
Mon - Sat 10:45pm 1:55am Aratere

Picton to Wellington

Day Depart Arrive Vessel
Mon - Sat 1:05am 4:35am Kaitaki
Tue - Sun 2:45am 5:55am Aratere
Tue - Sat 9:05am 12:35pm Kaiarahi
Tue - Sun 10:45am 1:55pm Aratere
Daily 2:15pm 5:45pm Kaitaki
Tue - Sun 6:45pm 9:55pm Aratere
Mon - Sat 10:30pm 1:45am Kaiarahi

Please note that some sailings may change depending on Ship Maintenance,

lay-bys, surveys, dry-docks, public holidays etc.


Please contact the Service Centre on 0800 660 670 for any queries and updates.


Tel. 021 726 711